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Mature content
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 18 :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 17 46
Lazy Day
It’s one of those days where Dark and Anti were let out at the same exact time, and Anti both loves and dreads such a day. He loves being out to do whatever he wants without Jack nagging him all the time. Yet, he doesn’t want to face Dark, the stone-faced demon wannabe and attention stealer, who judges everything he does. Why can’t he just let him be?
However, there were always those specific times where they unexpectedly discover something out of the ordinary about the other. Today is no exception.
Anti rubbed his eyes as he finally took over his host’s physical body and making sure Jack is taking a nap in his head. Without thinking, he teleported outside hoping to frolic around, only to be drenched from head to toe by the heavy rain.
“Goddamit!” Anti shouted and teleported with a blank mind, just hoping to be indoors. He looked around to find out he’s in Mark’s room.
“Well shit. Today is not my day.” Anti sighed. The sudden
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 18 21
The Storm in Me (Part one of Twoshot)
Jack’s worrying. He’s home alone but safe from the turbulent plane ride due to the blizzard. It’s been five hours since he got home, but he’s worrying. Not about himself, but Mark is still stuck back in Boston, and the lack of response from the massive amount of texts and calls from the American is worrisome.
Jack sighed as he looked out the window, watching the rain get heavier. He unlocked his phone again, hoping to get some sort of answer or any hint that Mark is alright. Yet, all the Irishman sees are the pictures of Mark in a flowery button up shirt and shorts in the damn blizzard. At first, it was funny enough for the joke, but soon the absolute silence from the man is making Jack very anxious.
“Please be ok…” Jack whispered to himself. He clutched on his phone like Mark’s life is in his hands, never wanting to let go. His concern over the American is increasing by the second as well as the storm.
A loud thunder startled Jack from h
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 19 27
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 17
Monday came along and the gang is back in school meeting by the locker area as usual.
“Good morning guys!” Jack greeted happily.
“Don’t you mean…” Felix cleared his throat. “TOP A DA MORNIN’ TO YA, LADDIES!!!!!”
Jack immediately frowned and shook his head. “Way to ruin my morning, you Swede.”
“My pleasure, Irishman.” Felix grinned as Ken bursts out laughing.
“Where’s Mark?” Jack looked around, not finding the half Asian anywhere.
“Hm. How did Anti leave him before he took off to your house last night?” Felix asked.
“Why are you asking that? You’re well aware of what has happened last night.” Jack rolled his eyes.
Ken laughed harder. “Oh yeah. Left him in awe and shock after that cute little peck on his cheek.”
“That doesn’t explain anything!” Jack yelled.
Ken calmed his laughing. “Well, knowing him. He’s probably trying
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 45 70
Revenge Teasing
“Hey Jack.” Cry asked, sitting down next to the Irishman in their shared villa with Felix and Mark for youtube purposes and collaborations. “What’s wrong? You look unhappy.”
“Nothing.” Jack simply answered.
Cry raised a brow under his mask. There’s no doubt that something is wrong with Jack. Usually, Jack would be clinging onto Mark, and Mark would be giving the Irishman his every love and attention. They would be in their own world that even the Pewdiecry couple would wince at.
“Is…this about Mark?” Cry asked.
Jack shrugged, shaking his head, and sighed. All this caught the attention of a certain Swede who just walked into the room.
“What’s up with you, Irishman?” Felix asked, sitting next to Cry. “And don’t say nothing.”
“Mark.” Jack said.
“Well, obviously.” Felix rolled his eyes.
Cry held onto Felix’s shoulder. “Be nice, you idiot.”
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 32 22
Darkiplier AKA Dragon Character Sheet by KenzyKoo Darkiplier AKA Dragon Character Sheet :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 22 5 Antisepticeye AKA Rain by KenzyKoo Antisepticeye AKA Rain :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 28 11
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 16
Jack kept pressing buttons and moving around on the couch with his controller as he is completely focused on the game. Mark mentally groaned in despair as he asked Dark to take over his hands so Jack won’t notice Mark’s lack of focus in gaming.
“What the fuckity fuck, Dark?!” Mark shouted in his head.
“Yeah?” Dark replied, nonchalantly.
“What the hell did you mean by randomly blurting out baseball?! It’s not helping with ANYTHING!”
“Calm your balls, will you?”
“Sure. Yeah. Calm down while Jack here suddenly let out an insanely creepy laugh when whooping my ass in this battle. Which I’m only letting him win by the way. And then my own demon half blurt out the most random thing ever in my head!” Mark rambled in his mind.
“Shut it.” Dark said. “I said baseball because I had an idea and obviously, I should have reported to both Pain and dad multiple times for the past few hours. Those feel
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 37 54
Staring (Drabble)
On the couch stood two men, close and facing each other with small smiles. Two pools of beautiful shiny blue and two delicious warm chocolate brown orbs staring at each other intently. The distance between them seems to be decreasing in one millimeter per thirty seconds.
A little farther away stood two ladies with their arms crossed and very confused, wondering what the hell their boyfriends are up to.
“What’s going on?” Amy whispered.
“I have no idea.” Signe whispered back.
Felix and Marzia strolled in carrying their pugs, Edgar and Maya. “How long have they been like that?” Marzia asked.
“About 2 minutes.” Amy answered back quietly.
Felix suddenly grinned. “Is Septiplier about to come true?”
“What?” Signe furrowed her eyebrows, looking at Felix.
Marzia smacked Felix on the arm. “What in the world are you saying?”
Felix shrugged. “What? Look at them, they look so in love.”
Amy gave hi
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 25 29
Attention Envy (The Anti vid during PAX) Oneshot
“Seaaaaaaan!!!!” A distorted voice echoed throughout the apartment. “JAAAAAAACKABOY!!!!!”
“Whaaaaaat?” The Irish youtuber shouted back from his office through his open door.
His somewhat evil alter ego materialized at his door, his figure slumped forwards. “Seaaaaaaan!” Anti whined.
“I can hear you. Just taaaaaaalk!” Jack whined back.
Anti dragged his feet towards his human counterpart. “Dark is taking all the attentiooooooon!”
“So whaaaaaat?” Jack rolled his eyes. “And can we stop whining? I gotta finish preparing for PAX!”
Anti scoffed. “Just because Dark appeared in a tux all handsome and shit in that stupid Date with Markiplier video, everyone forgot about me!” The glitchy demon crossed his arms, all sassy. “He’s nothin’ but a goddamn copy cat!”
Jack didn’t give Anti an answer.
“Seaaaaan! Are you even listening to me?!” Anti shouted.
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 31 220
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 15
It is currently too late into the night and way too early to be morning. Yet, one pair of blue eyes are still wide open, one mind is still deep in thought.
Jack turned his head to look at the half naked figure sleeping next to him. Mark looks so peaceful. He sighed quietly and turned back to stare at the ceiling, tugging on a borrowed white wifebeater from Mark.
After that little encounter with Dark, Jack has been having many thoughts of how any of this is going to progress. Mark asked about what happened and whether Jack himself is ok, yet the green haired demi-demon didn’t answer. He merely smiled and said, “We had a wonderful talk.”
Mark seemed to have understood that Jack doesn’t want to talk about it and let it go. The rest of the night spent in complete silence and ended with both demi-demons crawling in bed to sleep.
While Mark fell asleep without a care in the world, Jack stayed up, thinking over and over about what Dark had said. Should he trust Dark? D
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 40 58
A sort of face reveal? (2017) by KenzyKoo A sort of face reveal? (2017) :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 4 22
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 14
“Okie dokie! Everything’s done! Anti…or Sean…sweetheart! I’ll be on my way home now! You enjoy your stay with Dark…or Mark tonight for whatever he needed to do. Make sure you come home on Sunday night! Toodles Lisa!” shouted Anti’s mom as her skipped her way back home.
“Bye Heather!” Dark’s mom waved goodbye to her newest best friend and closed the door. “So.” she started as she turned around. “Dark told me what to do. Which isn’t much at all. I dislike the fact that I do technically nothing in this situation.” The woman pouted. “I just want to see the fluffy moments between you two!”
Dark sighed and palmed his forehead and eyes for the umpteenth time he stepped into this house. “Mom.” He said, letting go of his face and wrap an arm around Anti. “If you would please stop rambling and be faaaaaaar away doing whatever you’re supposed to do, then we can get s
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 41 81
When Jack's Mind is Blown by KenzyKoo When Jack's Mind is Blown :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 9 1
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 13
At the river of human souls, combinations of wailing and groaning replaces sound of the rippling waves of river water. On the river stood a fancy boat decorated with skulls of different sizes and from different species. Two butts landed on the seats heavily, and a relieved sigh came out simultaneously from the two demons on the boat. There sat Death with his hood ripped off and War with his helmet taken away.
“Finally…” War mumbled.
“When did Satan lose his mind?” Death muttered, leaning on his scythe.
“When did everybody lose their minds?” War asked back.
“Oh whatever. Let’s just have the talk with our sons.” Death closed his eyes. “When we finally arrive at my place.”
War nodded and made himself comfortable on the stone colored boat being pushed by the groaning souls. He shivered from the cool breeze that is part of Death’s domain in hell. In contrast to the rest of the underworld where it’s engulfed
:iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 44 46
Mark is Confused by KenzyKoo Mark is Confused :iconkenzykoo:KenzyKoo 7 0
Ooo~ New stuff!


Hello everybody-[GIF] by azulmimi99 Hello everybody-[GIF] :iconazulmimi99:azulmimi99 61 12
Like to voice act? Help me out! MORE OPEN ROLES
Like to voice act? I have three opportunities for you! (and don't worry, some will open up in the future!)
I need 12 females and 4 males. More info can be found at the links!:
Please note that these are unpaid, and it would be easier for me if you have a BTVA account. Thank you!!!
:iconmisseljebel:MissEljebel 17 122
So you want to do commissions?
A basic guide to setting up commissions
When it comes to commissioning, there is so much that needs to be decided, arranged and thought of that it can all appear a bit daunting at first.
However: when following a couple of basic guidelines, setting up commissions really is not as hard as you think!
If you find the article informative, please :+fav: it.
First things first
So you have decided you want to start doing commissions. That's great!
The first thing to do is to determine what you want to offer.
Do you want to offer drawings, or designs?
Will you be coding journal-skins for people, or will you be pixeling?
Take a look through your gallery and try to determine what you do best and what you like to do the most.
Because that will most likely be what you'll be offering.
Stick to what you're good at.
Don't promise what you can't deliver when someone is paying you for it.
Now that you've mo
:iconhardrockangel:Hardrockangel 4,291 1,142
The Demons Within - Chapter 9, Part 2 by silvererros The Demons Within - Chapter 9, Part 2 :iconsilvererros:silvererros 36 16 In the dark, smutty septiplier gif2 by LoverRevolveri
Mature content
In the dark, smutty septiplier gif2 :iconloverrevolveri:LoverRevolveri 77 17
Mature content
OSLA - Chapter 4: Apologies :iconsilvererros:silvererros 14 18
The Demons Within - Chapter 9, Part 1 by silvererros The Demons Within - Chapter 9, Part 1 :iconsilvererros:silvererros 81 21
Mature content
OSLA - Chapter 3: ENOUGH! :iconsilvererros:silvererros 15 17
Mature content
It Suits You - A Septiplier/Danti One-shot :iconsilvererros:silvererros 20 13
The Host by ELENmrakipiler The Host :iconelenmrakipiler:ELENmrakipiler 143 12 Half-Dragon Jacksepticeye - Fox's Art Contest by silvererros
Mature content
Half-Dragon Jacksepticeye - Fox's Art Contest :iconsilvererros:silvererros 68 15
Mature content
OSLA - Chapter 2: First Impressions :iconsilvererros:silvererros 20 3
Anti sketch (Shadow mode) by maskman626 Anti sketch (Shadow mode) :iconmaskman626:maskman626 1,730 130
Mature content
OSLA - Chapter 1: Decisions, Decisions :iconsilvererros:silvererros 23 16
Anti by Cosmicchara Anti :iconcosmicchara:Cosmicchara 538 29 The Markimoo Cockatoo by silvererros The Markimoo Cockatoo :iconsilvererros:silvererros 51 6
I love these. A lot. No question.


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Hello, everyone! I’m now open for writing commissions! I am here to bring you the best of my abilities in stories, fanfictions, ANYTHING!

I also am willing to do some editing and be a beta for anyone who needs it.

Type of writings I do:


-One Shots/Two Shots/Three Shots (Short stories)

-Anything else that can be negotiated basically. 

Here are some examples of my personal work:

The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 1

Lazy Day

Possessive Markimoo (Septiplier Oneshot)

Pricing for writing:

It’s super simple. $1 per 100 words. PayPal only please!

Pricing for editing:

$1 per 500 words. Again, PayPal only please!

Extra Fees:
Research and Lore are an extra $5 because I’m pretty sure I don’t know every fandom and their hidden stories. Though I’d love to find out!

NSFW stuff depends on how much of it is included. Negotiable.

Requirements for me to progress: 

every characters' names and personalities

setting (time and place)

the plot

 how long you hope for the story to be (I'll do it to the best of my abilities)

 any other extra ideas or points you want to be added in

• the deadline (timezones are definitely going to be different so please be specific)

Please be as specific as possible in your explanations. PLEASE.

Extra Info:

Anything is negotiable with me, and we can discuss ideas, pricing, and deadlines in our own private conversations. Completed stories are not refundable but are up for rewrites if it doesn't match what the client requests for. I have the right to refuse any commission offers I do not want to touch. Please do not hate me for refusing.

Email me at or send me a note or comment down there if any of you are interested!

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It is nearing the start of October, and for Jack, that was a lot of thinking days. These passing days have been busy for him, and he decided to focus on his studies for he had internal and external assessments to deal with for all six subjects. He also automatically ignored how close Diana and Mark are getting, as well as the constant times Anti was bugging him either about Mark and Diana or other random shit he can think of. His mother has also been finding a chance to get the video into the Shackleton company, but no news came up yet.

The only slightly better thing that happened was that Dark had been around Jack more often now. The durations aren’t long, and Dark is usually around to just keep Jack company by sitting close to him. No one talked after greeting each other, no one insisted they must do something, no one forced anyone for skinship, and Jack was grateful for it. The only slightly not so good thing from all of it was when Anti decided to come out and fool around with Dark while still connected to Jack. The kisses and warm hugs he can feel from Dark to Anti were hard to ignore on his part.

Needless to say, nothing really interesting happened these days. If you ask Felix, though, he’d say Jack is numbing himself with work.

“Mark STILL hasn’t done his part of the deal.” Felix said, slamming his fist onto the cushion on his couch.

“Leave the poor cushion alone.” said Ken, taking it away. “It’s our job to convince him. Besides, Lord War and Lord Death are busy helping his highness with that problem he mentioned. We can’t look for help from them for a while. I can’t believe they haven’t solved it yet…nor do I understand why it’s so important.”

“Why the hell did we agree to let Diana and Mark become something before we unleash the mom tactic?” Felix groaned. “I hate seeing Jack like this.”

“Hey, it was your idea.”

“It made sense at the time!”

Ken sighed. “Well, it still makes sense now.”

“I didn’t mean we need to wait until they are dating! I meant to wait until they have this mental mutual agreement that they like each other!” Felix shouted at nothing in particular.

“You didn’t say that!”

“That’s what I meant, ok?!”

“Well then, how the hell are we even supposed to know? Are we supposed to let them be together first or prevent them before they actually become a thing?”

“Both works ok! People never mean that they are a thing even after the stupid ‘Will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend’ thing! It takes at least three months for it to be so!”

“Really?” Ken asked, weirded out. “How’d you know that?”

“You don’t expect people to be: ‘Oh! He or she’s the fucking one!’ right on the spot, man.” Felix rolled his eyes. “It takes time to know the person and all his/her flaws. And three months is the trial period for how much you can stand the other person.”

Ken furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m not going to ask how you’re so sure of that. But…what’s our plan now?”

“Jack is the number one priority now.” Felix pointed out. “And where the fuck is Mark?! It’s been an hour since the actual time he agreed to be over!”

Suddenly, the door slammed open.

“Dude, don’t you knock?” Felix said without looking.

“I usually would, Panic. But it is an urgent matter and both of you must know what’s happening right now.”

Felix and Ken’s eyes widened and quickly turned to look at the door. There stood Dark right at their doorway with his arms crossed. It is absolutely intimidating.

“Dark?! What are you doing here? Where’s Mark?” Ken asked, trying to look behind the demon half.

“He’s on his way.” Dark stepped into the house, closing the door. “And he’s thinking of asking Diana out.”

“ALREADY?!” Felix exclaimed.

Dark nodded. “And I want you guys to not stop him.”

“WHAT?!” Felix continued screaming.

Ken rubbed his ears. “Isn’t this what you wanted? So we can move to phase two of his mother?”

Dark sighed. “He most likely just wanted to ask her out to get you guys to stop matching him with Jack.”

“We haven’t been bugging him about that a lot though.” said Ken.

“I’m aware but you still did. He’s all annoyed and muttering with himself saying stuff like ‘I’ll show them!’ or whatever.” Dark shook his head. “Just why am I stuck with this idiot?”

Ken rubbed the back of his neck. “We were forcing him to find a way to escape, huh?”

Felix rolled his eyes. “He’s going to be an engineering student. He’s not supposed to be stupid!”

Dark gave them a weird look.

“I told him that.” Ken explained.

“Well, he might be smart in his studies but he’s not very bright socially.” said Dark. “So don’t stop him, let him do whatever he wants, or he’s just going to do the opposite of what we want.”

“What if we don’t want to convince him to be with that weird girl who randomly came into his life?” Ken asked. “It was always just us, even with his ex-girlfriends. I don’t know why suddenly he’d bring this girl into the group.”

“Clearly this girl is important to him now.” Felix sighed.

“I said to not stop him, I didn’t say to convince him to go for it.” Dark made himself clear. “Let him do whatever he wants, however he wants. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime,” Dark looked at the clock in the house. “It is time for me to go give Jack a visit.”

“Can you please help me persuade him to stop piling work on himself?” Felix asked with pleading eyes. “He’s worrying me. You’re spending more time with him than me, and I’m his protector!”

“Technically, I never did anything besides keeping him company in his lonely room.” said Dark. “And…well, getting along with Anti.”

Ken burst out laughing as Felix gave Dark a smirk. “I’m sure you two get along so very well communicating with your ‘oral skills’, huh?”

Dark slightly blushed, but he’s never going to admit it. “Right right. We make out, so what.”

“Yeah yeah, hot shot.” Felix rolled his eyes. “Do something with Jack! He might seem like he’s fine with you in his room doing nothing besides messing around with his demon half of which he can sense even if Anti isn’t connected to Jack with his ghost tail. But don’t you think that will make him even more lonely? Is all you care just Anti now?”

Dark stumbled over his words. “Wh-no! I didn’t mean to…just no!”

“Well, then how about giving the poor guy some actual attention?” Felix asked. “Pain and I will deal with Mark, don’t worry.”

“Too bad we can’t physically pound some sense into him.” Ken muttered.

“I highly doubt you can considering how thick his skull is.” Dark chuckled. “Thanks and goodbye.”

“Bye bro.” Felix and Ken waved as Dark slowly faded away. Right when Dark’s nowhere to be seen, the sound of knocking echoed across the living room.

“And he finally drags his ass over.” Ken muttered, strolling over and opening the door.

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late.” Mark apologized as he stepped into the house with Ken closing the door after.

“Let me guess, it’s Diana again.” Felix said, annoyed.

“Hey what’s with that tone, man? She wanted me to fix her computer since it’s laggy and crap.” Mark explained.

“Riiiiight. And I bet you two exchanged a lot of talk.” Felix said.

“Well…yeah.” Mark said.

“And a loooooot of spit.” Felix finished.

Mark glared at the Swede, not knowing a blush spreading across his face. “Shut up.”

“Mm. Yeah.” Felix rolled his eyes.

Ken pat Mark on the shoulder and gave him a soda he grabbed from the fridge.

Mark joined the two on the couch, looking hesitant to talk.

Both Felix and Ken know what he’s about to say and gave each other a knowing look.

Mark took a deep breath. “I’m thinking of asking Diana out.” He finally said, stern and serious.

He didn’t expect the two protectors to merely shrug and give him a blank look.

Felix even smiled. “Go ahead, bro.”

“You…guys aren’t going to stop me?” Mark asked cautiously.

“Why would we stop you?” Ken asked. “You do whatever you want.”

“Yeah.” Felix agreed. “You like her, who are we to stop you?”

“Uh…my father’s minions to reach his goal?” Mark said. “You guys are just shitting with me.”

Ken raised a brow. “Sure but you’ve made your point of not wanting anything to do with Jack.”

“So much so that you are so focused on Diana and barely care about Jack at all.” Felix added.

“We can take a hint, Mark.” Ken smiled. “You do your thing.”

“Speaking of Jack, how is he? You heard from him at all?” Felix asked.

Mark flinched. “I uh…no. I only saw him in school. He’s not coming today?”

“No, he’s not. He didn’t talk to you at all?” Ken asked, knowing what Felix is doing.

“No?” Mark replied.

“Shit. He’s not talking to anyone.” mumbled Felix, clear enough for Mark to understand him.

“What? What do you mean?”

Ken put on a sad face. “Jack hasn’t been talking to anyone much these past few weeks. We didn’t hang out. We didn’t chat. He even said no to video games!”

Mark looked surprised. “I thought you three always hang out together.”

“Well, you’re not around to find out that he has been in his own bedroom, doing all the internal and external assessments of all six subjects, along with the extended essay.” Felix sighed.

“Those aren’t due till three to five months later! What the fuck is he doing?” Mark exclaimed.

“You want to hear his excuse?” Ken gave Mark a blank look.

Mark nodded furiously in response.

“I’m just not procrastinating is all.” Felix said in Jack’s exasperated tone. “Don’t worry about me. I just want to get things done.”

“And then he just freakin’ left with a fake ass smile on his face!” Ken said, agitated.

Mark furrowed his eyebrows. “Did he not have any social life during these past few weeks?”

“Well, Dark certainly kept him company.” Felix muttered, internally smirking.

“Wait what?!” Mark asked. “Dark?!”

“Yeah!” Felix said. “You don’t know he has the power leave your body now?”

“Jack only lets him around now.” Ken added, lacking out the details of them not communicating at all.

Mark was confused. Since when did Jack and Dark get along so well? And why didn’t Dark tell him anything? Is that why he’s been so damn quiet these past few weeks?

“Wait, he can completely leave my body and do whatever he wants?” Mark asked.

Ken shrugged. “We don’t know the details of his powers. If anything, you guys should have been discussing how all this works out as more of his powers come out of nowhere.”

“Yeah. Be glad he’s keeping Jack company, man. Ken and I couldn’t get to him at all.” Felix explained. “Well…it’s mostly because Jack can’t do anything about Dark if he wants to visit since Dark just slips in and out whenever he wants, and you couldn’t control his duration of stay just because you never asked.”

“Or never cared.” Ken added.

“Or both.” Felix finished.

Mark groaned as he palmed his forehead. Just when he thought he finally got rid of this petty annoyance that is the complication of his and Jack’s relationship and move on to this new girl he finds super intriguing, something must ruin his plans in a normal life.

He expected Dark to give him a snarky remark but got nothing. Before, he was very glad Dark was quiet and let him be, but now that he knows Dark might be creeping around town or alone with Jack in his room, he can’t help but feel thrown aside for some reason.

“Look, I’ll deal with that later.” Mark sighed. “Are we starting this game night or what?”


Meanwhile, at the door of Jack’s humble abode, Dark knocked politely with a poker face, hiding his worry and excitement for seeing the Irishman.

Jack’s mom soon answered the door. “Oh! Is that you, Dark?”

“Yes, Mrs. McLoughlin.” Dark answered politely. “May I come in and see Jack?”

“Of course. Thank you for looking out for him, Dark. He’s upstairs in his room as usual.” Heather said with gratitude. “And please, call me by my name or just ‘mom’.”

“Um…sure.” Dark nodded, stepping into the house.

Dark slowly and quietly strolled over to the locked door of Jack’s room. Panic’s worried words repeating in his mind. If Jack’s numbing himself with work that shouldn’t even be completed and worried too much about at all, then it’s up to him to fix it all. He knows Anti tried, but as usual, Jack wouldn’t listen, not even himself.

Before he could knock, however, the door opened. “Hey Dark.”

Dark blinked in confusion. “Jack?”

“You always come around this time.” Jack gave him a small smile. “Figured you’ll be at the door.”

“Well,” Dark smiled. “May I come in?”

“Definitely.” Jack said, stepping aside to let the demon half in. “There’s nothing much for me to do today, sadly. Anti also said he’ll be sleeping in my head so…I don’t see why you’re here today.”

“I’m here for you, Jack. Not Anti. Always was. Even if Anti comes out to greet me a lot, the primary objective is to accompany you.” Dark explained. “Even if I just sit aside and not do anything.”

“Well…I just have to finish this internal assessment for Economics today..” Jack said as he sat back in his chair.

Before he can turn to face his desk, Dark held onto the chair and pulled the Irishman close to his seat on Jack’s bed. “How about you stop working tonight, Jack?”

Jack shook his head. “No. I have to finish before-”

“The due date isn’t till months later, Jack. I am aware.” Dark interrupted. “Take a break.”

“I…don’t want to take a break.” Jack said quietly.

“Then focus on other things.” Dark suggested. “Like games? Things that actually make you happy?”

Jack looked down at his lap, a slightly grieved look on his face.

“This is because of Mark, isn’t it?” Dark asked, wanting Jack to open up.

Jack shrugged. “I thought it was just a phase, Dark. I thought I’d get over him and his giant head.” His eye twitched. “I-I thought that all of this is just nothing! And I don’t mean the more serious side of things with you and Anti and Lucifer and all that…I meant my own feelings.” He sniffed. “It hurts, Dark.”

Dark’s eyes softened. “What do you know…” He whispered. “Mark was right.”

“He’s right?” Jack asked. “About what?”

“About hurting you, Jack.”

“What are you talking about?” Jack is thoroughly confused.

“Remember that night where I see you as me for the first time?” Dark asked. “Mark and I had a discussion before that happened.”

Dark observed Jack’s change in expressions as he explained the entirety of the conversation he and Mark had, as well as admitting to slightly seducing Jack during the process. He expected Jack to get angry, but instead, he looks sadder and the spirit in his eyes seem to diminish.

“So…Mark never liked me more than a friend to begin with….” Jack said quietly.

“That’s not true, Jack.” Dark said, pulling Jack closer. “He’s just refusing to admit it.”

“Well, then he’s doing a good job of ignoring this whole thing.” Jack sigh. “Just look at the surface of all this Dark. Ignore the fact we have demons halves, that our fathers made a mistake, that we have to be together to prevent the consequences of this mistake, that we were destined to meet, and all that shit. He just…” He paused. “He just doesn’t like me enough to want me by his side as more than a friend. Hell, he hasn’t even noticed me being all alone and distant, Dark!”

Dark cupped Jack’s cheek. “Jack, I am constantly in his mind. While I know he is developing feelings for that Diana girl, I know he has feelings for you somewhere in there.”

Jack leaned on Dark’s hand and sighed. “I’m not you. I’ll need to actually witness with a couple of my five senses to believe it. Besides…” He closed his eyes. “Knowing how he feels doesn’t help when he refuses to see it himself.”

Dark watched that single tear drip out of Jack’s eyes and slide down the pale cheek, into his own palm.

“Jack…” said the bigger demon half. “It hurts me to see you like this…”

Jack slowly opened his eyes, looking at Dark sadly. “I don’t need pity.”

“It’s not pity. What you need is affection…and maybe your social life back.” Dark smiled and held Jack’s hands. “Let me help.”

“Dark, I appreciate you trying to help me, but…” Jack shook his head. “I don’t need you to be like what I want Mark to be for me.”

Dark chuckled. “Jack, you forget. I’m Dark, not Mark. I like you and I will show it to you, and that’s the truth.”


“I won’t deny it, Jack. I like you. You are…special. And it’s not because of Anti. I don’t just sit in Mark’s mind or even here and just watch. I observe. Your little actions, words, emotions, all the little details…you’re fascinating, Jack. I hope you would allow me to explore what I’m feeling with you. And I promise I will always try to keep that beautiful smile on your face.”

Jack froze. He’s flattered, to say the least. No one ever made him feel so special in his life, even if it was just a little monolog from his crush’s demon half. Dark gave him a proposal, a promise, a new chance. He can’t refuse that.

“Why should I trust you, Dark?” Jack asked, playfully crossing his arms.

Dark smiled and knocked on Jack’s forehead. “Don’t think I can do it?”

Jack pouted and rubbed the spot where Dark collided his knuckle with. “What if you’re just doing this for more meetings with Anti? Or just because I look like Anti?”

Dark scoffed and rolled his eyes. “After all that, you still don’t trust me?”

“I…don’t know.” Jack shrugged and sighed. “I need some reassurance I guess…especially with the thought that I know Mark is going to confess to Diana.”

Dark stood up and kissed Jack’s forehead. “I’m not going to ask how you know that.”

“Dark, I can observe as well. He’s been thinking of confessing. All he needs is…Felix and Ken to just accept him, I guess.”

Dark chuckled. “You still have the knowledge of the sex demons…ever thought of putting them to good use again?”

“I’m not…attractive enough for it to work anyway.” Jack asked.

“Mark’s actions and emotions the other day where he met Anti said otherwise.”

“Well, clearly it wasn’t enough to make him stay.” Jack said with a sad smile.

Dark stood up and pecked Jack’s forehead. He turned his chair to face Jack’s full-length mirror. “If I remember correctly, Anti did this to you before.” He started, helping Jack stand up. “Look at yourself. Skinny, but not a pile of bones. The perfect curvy body for a man. And face, adorable with beautiful blue eyes, cute nose, plump juicy lips.” Dark said.

Jack blushed, gawking at his mirror. Dark was repeating the exact same words Anti told Jack when they first met.

His reflection suddenly smirked. “I’d fuck you if I could.”

Jack heard Dark laugh behind him as he watched Anti as his reflection winking at him, giving him a fingergun.

“Fuck you guys!” Jack giggled, wiping away a new happy tear he suddenly felt dripping down his cheek. “Now I feel all warm inside!”

“Your welcome.” Anti smiled. “Thanks Dark. He’s shining bright again.”

Dark nodded as a ‘no problem’ as Anti disappeared back into Jack’s mind again.

“You two planned this, didn’t you?” Jack asked, turning to point at Dark with a touched smile on his face.

“No. I didn’t know Anti would actually pop out, but I’m glad he did.” Dark held on Jack’s pointing hand and rubbed a thumb over his knuckles, making the hand relax.

“Thanks Dark,” Jack laid his onto Dark’s shoulder, arms slowly wrapping around him for a hug. “I didn’t know that I needed this after…Mark. I didn’t know he had this much of an effect one me.”

Dark returned the hug, rubbing Jack’s back. “I need you to remember, though I maybe Mark’s demon half, but I’m not Mark.”

Jack smiled as he lifted his head and stared into Dark’s eyes. “I got it, Dark.”


In the next room, a woman is frantically texting someone, not bothering to take her headphones off.

Heathen: Your son is going to confess to a girl?!?!?!?!

Lisama: WHAT?! You’re kidding right?! TELL ME IT IS NOT HAPPENING!

Heathen: It’s what I heard!

Lisama: Oh no…what are we going to do?!

Heathen: Why are you asking me?! It’s YOUR son!

Lisama: Just how do I even at least get him to consider thinking of Jack with that stubbornness of his?!

Heathen: You’ll think of something! But that’s not all! Dark broke Jack’s stupid work craze bubble he was in!

Lisama: …HOW?! Why didn’t he do it sooner?!

Heathen: Ask your own son!

Lisama: He’s in YOUR house!

Heathen: WELL, BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER AS ONE IS YOUR SON ANYWAY! How do you expect me to ask him?!

Lisama: Ok! Jeez, crazy woman!

Heathen: You’re equally crazy!

Lisama: That’s true. Anyway, I’ll talk to him. I’ll ask Ken for specifics first since I have no idea what’s happening.

Heathen: Great! And I also have great news!

Lisama: So it worked?

Heathen: Oh yeah! Thanks for the security code and the password by the way!

Lisama: Piece of cake, darling. ;)


“Look dude. It’s been more than half a month. You gotta do your part of the deal man!” Felix said, frustrated.

“Why are you guys so persistent on this deal thing?!” Mark shouted. “Why can’t you guys, instead, encourage me on my planned confession to the girl I want to be with?”

It has been a messy morning for Mark from home to school, where he’s been nervous for his plan to confess to Diana, bothered by the thought of Dark’s silence and knowing he can now leave his body at any moment, and completely annoyed by the two protectors trying to make him hang with Jack like they always do every single morning since he lost the bet. They are now huddled around a desk in their homeroom, as everyone else minds their own businesses.

“Get this right, Fischbach! We don’t care about your confession! We’re not happy for you. We’re not unhappy for you. We don’t give a shit!” Ken explained. “But we want you to do the task you promised to. I’m losing my patience here, and I swear I will send your dog to your dad!”

Mark clenched his teeth. “Fine! I’ll find a time soon! Just shut up!”

“No! Specific date and time and what you guys will be doing!” shouted Felix, shaking Mark’s shoulders.

“Yeah, we’re not letting you off the hook this time.” Ken added.

Mark grumbled. “Tomorrow, afternoon, lunch.”

“Saturday, afternoon…lunch?!” Felix exclaimed. “Are you serious?!”

“What’s wrong with lunch?” Mark asked.

“I don’t even understand why Diana finds any interest in you. And I highly doubt she’s gonna say yes to your confession because of this…LUNCH?!” Felix sighed, exasperated.

Ken shook his head. “Lunch is not a cool date, Mark.”

“It’s not a date! It was never supposed to be date! We never agreed for it to be a date!” Mark cried, throwing his arms in the air.

Felix pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ok, so it’s not a date.” Ken braced himself and stepped back, knowing what’s going to happen next as Felix took a deep breath. “But you already ditched Jack for so long for that girl, shouldn’t you at least have a decent hang out with him? Aren’t you guys friends? Say you have a normal lunch with Jack. How do you even face him after all these weeks with a lunch? It’s not a buffet. It’s nothing fancy. It doesn’t make up for the loneliness you’ve caused him. So you go with the lunch idea, you guys have a quiet lunch, knowing you, you’re not going to even have a decent conversation with him. In the end, he’s going to be disappointed, you’re going to lose a friend, he’s going to think you hate him just because you have a girl and you guys can’t even be friends now. Then, he’s going to avoid you on purpose, and you guys will never be able to repair this friendship you used to have. How are you going to face me and Ken after that? How are you going to face your mom and his mom? How are you going to face Anti and Dark? How are you going to face his father and your own father? How are you going to face Lucifer? How are you-”

“STOP! STOP! STOP! ENOUGH! I GET IT! JUST STOP!” Mark shouted, interrupting Felix’s extreme blabbering and nagging. As if the constant talk wasn’t enough, it felt like the words are attacking him physically in block form. “I will have a full decent day with him, ok?!”

“Like what?” Felix asked, crossing his arms, leaning his weight on one leg sassily.

For the next few minutes, Mark just stares at the two protectors as Ken throws out ideas and Felix argues back with a reason why it won't work.

“A movie?”

“Not enough talking.”

“A pizza picnic up on the roof?”

“Too cliché.”

“Theme park?”

“Too original.”

“A party.”

“Too many people.”

“Extreme sports?”

“Jack’s scared of heights.”

“A day at the beach?”

“Mark’s scared of the ocean.”

“Road trip?”

“Too uncreative.”


“Too boring.”

“And you’re too picky!” Mark shouted, pounding his fist on the table.

“You’re not contributing anyway!” Felix rolled his eyes.

Mark palmed his forehead. “Ok. Saturday, afternoon, I will take Jack to an arcade, and end it with a decent dinner. Cool?”

Felix nodded. “Now that’s so much better.”

“We’re not letting you back off from this, Mark.” Ken said, poking Mark’s head to emphasize his point.

“Yeah yeah whatever…” Mark muttered, laying his head on his folded arms on his desk, hoping to finally relax and think about his confessing to Diana until a loud bang in the hallway caught everyone’s attention.

Jack’s shout of pain followed, causing Ken and Felix to quickly burst out the door of their homeroom.

“JACK!” Mark heard Felix shout and more footsteps. He followed where the two protectors ran and found a barely conscious Jack laying on the floor with a face of distress, surrounded by Chad, Victor, and a lot of very unfriendly and violent looking people that do not look like students, holding baseball bats, clubs, and one with a pocket knife. Jack’s white t-shirt was wrinkled and dirty, his shoes look like they have been scraped across the cement, and on his jeans were a huge gash with blood slowly dripping out.

“Chad, I swear I will rip you apart with my bare hands if you touch Jack again!” Felix shouted, his eyes were slowly clouded by gray.

“Rip me apart?!” Chad yelled. “Do you know what he did?! He stripped everything away from me! My family kicked me out! My place in the company is gone! My reputation is ruined! I will soon be expelled after they had their stupid meeting! Soon the press will catch on and I will be completely useless!” He cried.

Mark narrowed his eyes, understanding that the video got to Chad’s parents. He felt his fingers twitch as he saw Jack’s whimpering in pain, curling into a ball on the floor. An involuntary growl raised up Mark’s chest.

Before he knew it, Dark’s voice roared out his own mouth. “I am going to skin and mutilate you and shove all the extra parts down your fucking throat for what you did to Jack!”

Ken turned and found Mark’s eyes slowly being taken over by red. He can see small sparks forming at the tips of Mark’s fingers and his hair turning into a darker color. Chad and his gang of pretend-thugs felt a shiver their spines watching this half-Dark-half-Mark stepping towards them.

Ken needed to prevent everyone else from coming out to watch. He stomped onto the floor, causing a shockwave to spread throughout the school campus, freezing every faculty and student as well as the time, except the people in this current conflict.

Before Dark can bolt towards the group of people, a groan came from the petite body on the body. “Oh that did not feel good, honey…” They heard Jack breath out weakly. Everyone widened their eyes, appalled that Jack is had a playful smirk on his face although in pain.

“No one’s gonna help me up?” The Irishman asked innocently, lifting an arm asking for assist.

Felix, who is worried sick, quickly helped Jack stand up and checked his body for injuries. “Jack, are you alright?!”

Jack cracked his neck a bit and sent the group a dead look. “Better than ever.” Anti’s voice spoke through Jack’s mouth.

Mark’s physical body made itself next to Jack. “Are you alright, Jack?” Dark asked.

“Wrong name, darling.” said Anti as his left eye flashed green. He turned to the blonde brat in the hallway. “Chad, Chad, Chad. What did we tell you last time?” He said, approaching to the group slowly. “We warned you. You didn’t listen. Now you’re exposed and now you want to beat me because you were ignorant?”

Both Mark and Dark is watching Anti slowly step towards the large group of fake thugs with catwalk. It’s arousing in a way with how the smaller demon’s hips sway side to side, but threatening for every step Anti took, he was absorbing something from the mortals.

“Bit illogical, isn’t it?” Anti asked, stopping inches away from Chad.

Chad stared at who he thinks is Jack in disbelief. He is too calm after a beating. He’s still bleeding, and from what he knows, he must still be in immense pain with all the bruises and cuts. It did not make any sense to the blonde bully. And he did not like it.

Chad swung his bat, expecting to hit the Irishman in front of him and watch him fall pathetically like before. However, the bat landed on a very strong hand and got pulled out of Chad’s hands.

“Huh?” Chad looked up to find who he believed to be Mark, holding onto his baseball bat with a very menacing look directed towards him. Chad is scared, but he will never admit it. He subconsciously stepped back, looking at Mark’s face. Were those red eyes? He must be hallucinating.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Shackleton.” The red haired half demon warned.

Chad is filled with fear, but he has his pride. “You two! Do you have ANY idea what that video did to me?!”

Anti rolled his eyes. “You just explained it to us.”

“It ruined me!” Chad shouted, then turning to the crowd behind him and ordered, “Pummel them!”

Without warning, a circle of fire and flames surrounded them, barely giving them room to move. “Try.” Dark said, glaring dangerously.

“Wh-what is this?!” Chad looked around, fear evident on his face as well as the people behind him.

Anti wiggled his fingers a little bit and the weapons turned into snakes with green shining eyes, wrapping around each person tightly and slightly choking them. “You know sometimes you have to wonder that you might be messing with the wrong kind of people that even money and lawyers won’t be able to help you, right?”

“This is some kind of prank, you two fucking faggots! Let me go!” Chad shouted, struggling along with everyone else.

“Chad, you brought so many people with you.” Anti laughed. “And basically ruined their lives. Felix?”

Felix stepped back and clenched his fists. Every struggling person suddenly had their mouth forced wide open and they cannot move at all.

Anti smiled a little too sweetly. “You guys caused Jack injuries and pain. I bet you all would just LOVE to feel what he’s feeling.” He giggled. “LITERALLY!”

Dark watched Anti work with a creepy grin, slowly opening his mouth as his left eye shined a brighter green. Loud wails and groans came out of their mouths as part of each person’s soul floated out and into Anti’s mouth. The bruises and cuts on Jack’s physical body all healed up as Anti swallowed with a loud gulp.

“Ugh. What the fuck did you guys do in your life?” Anti gagged.

Felix unclenched his fists allowing them to close their mouths. Anti crossed his arms and leaned his weight on his right leg, jutting his hip out. The smirk on his face grew as the exact same bruises and cuts appeared on every one of their bodies, causing shouts and groans of pain echo throughout the hallway.

Dark raised a brow and wrapped his left arm around Anti’s waist, his right hand resting on Anti’s protruding hip, fingers slowly sliding down the meaty round cheek.

Anti would have slapped that hand away teasingly if Dark wasn’t nuzzling into the crook of his neck. “I swear you’re going to be the death of me.” Dark mumbled.

“As if you can die.” Anti giggled, petting Dark’s head.

“Can you not be so hot when torturing people?” Dark asked, smirking.

“Why not?”

“That’s my job.” Dark smiled as Anti laughed out loud.

“Are you guys serious?!” Felix exclaimed. “Can you guys not flirt when we’re dealing with this stupid thing and fix this first?!”

“Oh I’m sure father would love to have some newbies in his torture dungeon.” Dark’s eyes flashed a bit of orange. The circular wall of fire started to shrink, caging the group of people in. Screams were heard as everyone started to feel the burn and the flames grew larger and taller until everyone disappeared into smoke…except Chad, standing there scared for his life and very confused.

“Chad!” Anti clapped his hands together. “Glad you can still stay.”

“Wh-why am I still here?!” Chad shouted, helpless and vulnerable.

“What kind of demons would we be if we didn’t let you stay and deal with the torture you are supposed to face in the mortal world?” Anti smirked, with Felix laughing behind him.

Ken applauded and Dark simply stared at Anti with a loving look and a proud smile.

Chad widened his eyes. “D-demons?! They aren’t real! You little faggots-”

“Oh shut up.” Anti said before Chad can finish. With a flick of his wrist, Chad’s eyes rolled back and fell onto the floor unconscious. “How I hate that word.” He sighed.

“Right.” Ken said. “Felix and I are going to deal with Chad, probably drop him off at the Shackletons. Who knows? Maybe after a whole lot of shunning their son, they might finally think being gay is fine and set him up with someone?”

“You think that’s gonna happen?” Anti asked.

“No, but it will.” Felix smirked.

“How’s Mark and Jack in there?” Ken asked.

“We took over pretty abruptly and forcefully in their confused state of mind so they’re kind of unconscious in there.” Dark explained.

“How do we want them to wake up?” Anti grinned.

“I have an idea.” Dark chuckled, holding Anti close to him.

“Good. Ken and I will be heading our way and maybe deal with some extra troubles. See you guys at lunch!” Felix waved, holding up Chad by his hair.

Ken rolled his eyes and threw Chad onto his shoulder, Felix’s hand still gripping on the blonde hair, and they disappeared with a gray puff of smoke.

Anti turned to face Dark, smiling. “So what’s your idea?”

“Oh I don’t know.” Dark said, hugging Anti close but his waist. “What better way to fuck with them than doing the things they never expect?” He smirked and dragged Anti into the janitor’s closet.

By the time Mark and Jack had their consciousness back into reality, they dared not to move, hoping it’s all hallucinations. They are clothed, thankfully, but Mark’s hand is in Jack’s boxers, groping on Jack’s bare ass. His other hand is holding him close by his waist. Jack’s palm is spread open on Mark’s muscular chest and his other hand tangled in Mark’s hair, all while their lips are pressed against each other with their tongues tangled together.

Both their faces are as red as a cooked lobster, but they can’t move at all for the closet is so tiny that it squishes their faces and bodies together. The warmth radiating off each other’s body is overwhelming for them. Mark couldn’t help it, the mound in his hand is so soft that he groped harder. A muffled moan came from Jack’s mouth as he clenched his eyes shut, embarrassed.

Jack tried to move his hand out of Mark’s shirt, but accidentally grazed Mark’s nipple, causing Mark to grab on Jack’s ass harder. Jack tried not to moan but failed miserably as he felt their lips moving on its own as both their eyes closed.

Jack’s grip on Mark’s hair tightened as their bodies moved against each other. The sounds of them kissing, moaning, and groaning were the only sounds they can hear. Jack moved his hand out of Mark’s shirt with what little room he has. His brain tells him this is wrong, but his lips and tongue aren’t stopping. He doesn’t understand why Mark is going with it either. Their bodies fit perfectly like two puzzle pieces made for each other, albeit forced in this current situation.

Mark doesn’t know what came over him. Everything that’s happening right now is addictive to him. He can’t get enough and he doesn’t want to stop. He pressed their bodies closer if possible, and lifted Jack’s own shirt up to his chest.

Jack whimpered quietly. This was not what he wanted. He wants Mark to mean it when kissing and touching him. He can’t stop, but it needs to be stopped. The Irishman forced himself to stop his lips and retract his tongue, feeling Mark chase after it. Jack untangled his fingers from Mark’s hair and pushed on Mark’s chest, but Mark doesn’t seem to be stopping.

Jack furrowed his eyebrows and forced himself to turn his head so Mark is facing his cheek. “Mark, please stop. This is wrong. STOP!”

That snapped Mark back to reality. “Wh-wha…?” He opened his eyes and looked at the flushed Jack, both of them panting slightly. Jack looks so vulnerable with his eyes clouded with something. “J-Jack…?”

“Who else would it be?” Jack mumbled. “Where are we?”

“Looks like the janitor’s closet for tools.” Mark answered. “The door is behind you, let me reach it. Step closer to me.” He said as he tried to get the door knob.

Jack pressed their bodies close again, blushing hard when he felt Mark’s bulge pressing on his. He closed his eyes, trying to ignore it and think of something else like Mark wanting to confess to Diana soon today. He knows that from Dark and that’s enough to make him lose interest in whatever was happening.

Mark fumbled with the doorknob finally hearing the door open. Jack quickly backed out and took a deep breath. It was stuffy in that closet.

“Sorry.” Mark said as he stepped out. “I didn’t know what came over me in the there. I didn’t want it to happen, I swear.”

Jack shrugged sadly. It was awkward. Very awkward.

“A-are you alright? Do we need to get you to a nurse?” Mark asked, clearly worried.

“I’m ok now…” Jack said quietly. “Anti did something…all my injuries are gone.”

Mark looked at Jack’s thigh. He winced as the jeans are stained with blood where the cut happened, but the gash is completely gone.

“Good…” Mark said with a forced smile.

Jack nodded with his own forced smile. He looked at the clock, it’s moving, indicating Ken has withdrawn his spell. “All that and it’s only towards the end of homeroom. We better get to class then.” said Jack about to walk away.


Jack stopped and turned around. “We’re going to be late, Mark.”

“I’ll be quick. It’s just a question.” said Mark. “So uh…tomorrow is Saturday. You want to hang out?”

Jack shrugged. “Sure. We’ll discuss this in detail if you keep your promise in the end. See ya!” He waved and quickly speed walked away to his first class.

“Keep my promise?” Mark thought. He then heard a mocking laugh from Dark in his head. “What.”

“Very scary growl, Mark.” Dark mocked.

“You two did the closet thing on purpose.” Mark thought angrily.

“You two took over at the wrong time.” Dark retorted.

“Why didn’t you tell me you ca leave my body now?”

“Yes yes, I can. Happy now?”

“What did you do to Jack?”

“Keep him company. Things that you’re not doing as a friend. Sadly, I couldn’t stay with for too long last night.” Dark sighed.


“You were thinking of me, Mark. And I thought you’d be too distracted to reel me back in this big head of yours. Sweet that you miss me.”

Mark is irked by Dark’s sarcasm. “Shut up. I’m going to class and don’t disturb me.”

“As always.”


“You’d think us being the protectors are supposed to have any sort of idea of where they are.” Felix mumbled, nibbling on his lunch.

Ken looked around the cafeteria. “No, I don’t see any of them here.”

“Au contraire.” Felix said, his eyes silvery gray. “I see hearts coming our way.”

Sure enough, there’s Mark coming their way with a stupid smile on his face with a blushing Diana clinging onto his arm.

“Well well well, look who decided to show up.” Ken said, opening his bottomless lunchbox.

“Is that a whole turkey…?” Felix asked, not amused.

Mark ignored all that and stood happily in front them. “Guys, Diana is officially my girlfriend!”

Felix and Ken did three slow claps and a face full of fake smiles. “Congratulations.” Felix said.

The couple didn’t care nor did they probably notice. But Mark did notice something. “Hey, where’s Jack?”

Ken and Felix shrugged.  “Probably with you-know-who.” Ken said, internally smirking as he observed how Mark’s eyes slowly narrowed.

Before Mark can ask any further, Jack stepped over and sat down next to Felix.

“Hey guys.” Jack said, slightly smiling.

Felix quickly grabbed Jack by the waist and pinched his cheek, making Jack giggle. “What are you fucking doing, Felix?”

“Babying you.” Felix answered. “You finally came back to me.” He dramatically sobbed. “I’m so happy!”

Mark watched Jack struggle from Felix’s death hug and wondered why Jack doesn’t seem bothered by what happened this morning. It wasn’t until Diana suddenly laid her head on his shoulder and asked, “Mark, as a celebration, don’t you think you should have asked me on a date tomorrow?”

Felix let go of Jack and looked at Ken. This girl is blunt.

“Oh…uh…I already have plans tomorrow.” Mark said carefully. “I’m sorry, Diana.”

Jack caught Mark’s eyes and gave him a small smile. “He kept his promise…” Jack thought.

Diana pouted, disappointed. “Alright I guess. Next time?”

“Of course, babe.” Mark smiled, pressing his forehead on hers.

Felix and Ken gagged, not even hiding it. Jack covered his mouth to hide his giggle on the protectors’ dramatic reaction. “Dudes, lay low on the public display of affection, will you please?” Felix rolled his eyes.

“We’re not even kissing or whatever, Felix.” Mark retorted.

“Yeah but you’re practically oozing the pink stuff.” Ken followed. “Ew.”

“You’re just jealous because you guys are single.” Mark said.

“Maybe instead of being jealous, we don’t care, Mark?” Felix retorted. “We probably don’t even have the capabilities of loving anyone….besides the people we’re practically stuck with since the beginning.” He explained, careful with his words around Diana.

Ken nodded.

Jack shrugged. “I’m single.” he said, but not denying that he’s jealous at all.

“But you’re not alone.” Felix winked with a weird grin.

Jack blushed lightly, nibbling on his cookie.

“So tell me, did you guys do anything?” Felix asked.

“What are you even talking about?” Jack smacked Felix’s shoulder.

“You know WHO I’m talking about!” Felix winked.

“We were on the roof just chattin’, ok? Eventually, he had to go because he was ‘missed’ apparently.” Jack explained.

Ken handed Jack a carton chocolate milk. “Nothing else? That’s disappointing.”

“What else do you expect to happen, jeez…” Jack mumbled, slightly blushing, sipping his chocolate milk.

Diana may have no idea what they’re saying and not even care, but Mark knows exactly what they’re talking about.

Before he can ask, Dark’s voice echoed in his head. “We did exactly what Jack said. Chat on the roof.”

“The roof?! Of all places?” Mark asked.

“Unless you want your classmates to see two of us on the school campus, when they see you head one way but see another you head the other way. I’m merely preventing suspicion.”

“Right. I thought I told you not to hurt him.”

“Look at him, Mark. Does it look like I’m hurting him?” Dark is agitated. “He’s much happier compared to the last few weeks if you even noticed at all.”

“You’re giving him false hope of me accepting him as a lover!” Mark argued.

“Now who said I’m doing anything couple-like to him? I’m treating him as a friend should, even if half of him is someone I make out with on a daily basis. Unlike a certain someone, I’m at least there for him and not completely ignoring his presence.”

“I don’t want him thinking I would be interested in him romantically.”

“Sure. Jump to that conclusion. But have you made it clear to him? So what if he likes you? He’s perfectly capable of continuing this friendship. You don’t have to COMPLETELY forget his existence even when you’re intrigued by this girl. And honestly, what do you even see in her? She’s an airhead!”

“Don’t talk about Diana like that!”

“I don’t think I can respect anyone who mistakes a toothbrush for a paintbrush.”

“It’s just her way of creativity using a toothbrush for painting!”

“You obviously weren’t paying attention. She picked up a paintbrush and started BRUSHING HER TEETH!”

While Mark and Dark are having their arguments, Felix and Ken decided to check the heart-o-meter with their demon eyes while eating, wincing from the amount of hearts emitting from the couple in front of them. Diana merely ignores everything and rubs her cheek on Mark’s bicep. Jack is bored, even though he’s eating.

“Well, aren’t you happy?” Anti asked, giggling.

“I didn’t think Mark would keep the promise.” Jack thought.

“Well, he did. So, he still cares for you as a friend”

“Yeah…” Jack thought, slightly sad.

Anti sighed. “It’s better than him basically forgetting you from time to time, right?”

“I guess, yeah…”

“Stop thinking. I’m in your head. Your thoughts are super depressing.”

Jack shrugged. “It’s just some…weird wonders.”

“Yeah.” Jack can practically hear Anti roll his eyes. “Things like ‘Am I unattractive?’ ‘Am I annoying?’ ‘Am I not enough?’ and more are weird wonders.”


“And I thought I’m super insecure.” Anti huffed. “Come on, Jack. Look, even I doubt myself sometimes but I am NEVER EVER insecure with how I look. Not because of the reason that I’m simply gorgeous, because duh of course I am, but because looks don’t matter when I want to have companions are who are real to me. If you're thinking like this, it means you want to change yourself for him, and I am not going to let you do that.”

Jack continued sipping through his straw, even though the chocolate milk is all gone. “Life lessons? Really?”

“Looked like you needed it.” Anti giggled. “So! How about some games tonight?”


Down in Lucifer’s bedroom, he and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are supposed to be having a sleepover at the so-called night where Mark and Jack's timezone currently states. However, Famine is going to be late because someone stole a large portion of her fruits, nuts, eggs, cheese, and vegetables. Pestilence has been busy looking for one of her missing pest pets ever since last month and refused to join any gathering outside of her domain.

“Just us three again?” Lucifer asks, slightly disappointed.

War rolled his eyes. “What’s with you, Lucifer?”

“I never understood your ‘sleepovers’ from the start since we live in the same hell anyway.” Death said. “But why are we wearing cutesy pajamas this time?” Death asked, looking down at his violet spaghetti strapped nightgown. “And why is yours sexier?!”

Lucifer scoffed, smoothing down his black lacy nightgown. “Shut up, I’m sexier. That’s why.”

“Well, why isn’t War wearing a nightgown?!” Death pouted, motioning to War’s gray hooded sleeveless silk bathrobe.

“Because he’s hot as hell in that thing!” Lucifer shouted.

“We all can look sexy as hell in that thing!” Death retorted.

“War is the only one with a masculine and hot enough body for that, and I’ve been dying to have someone fit into that bathrobe!” Lucifer explained.

“Biased.” Death muttered.

“I gave you a pretty gown!” Lucifer flailed his arms in the air.

“It’s a gown! Do I look female?! I’m a FATHER to a son!” Death huffed.

“You sure do look female!” Lucifer said, tugging on Death’s hair.

“Fuck you!”

“You fucking wish!”

War watched in amusement as these two argue it out. He’s got to admit though, they look absolutely adorable in their outfits.

“Lucifeeeeeeer!” Death whined.

Before Lucifer can say anything, the whole bedroom suddenly shook and vibrated with echoes of a high pitch laugh bouncing off the walls.

Death immediately launched himself into the air to hover from the immense shaking and watched as War and Lucifer tumble around with the furniture of Lucifer’s bedchamber.

After it all finally stopped, War rubbed his aching head as he sat up, only hitting something soft.

“Hey!” Death shouted.

War widened his eyes, embarrassed as he accidentally had a face full of Death’s ass when sitting up straight.

Before he can turn his face away and apologize, he felt something moving on his lower area.

“Ugh! War, you should have tied up your bathrobe! You have an impressive package though!” He heard Lucifer say.

“War! Move your face!” Death shouted, blushing.

“No!” Lucifer shouted. “I have the perfect view right where I am!”

“What does this have to do with you?!” Death shrieked.

War shouted, muffled by Death’s ass. “Do I move or not?!”

A soft voice interrupted all. “Hey guys! What’s with the sudden earthquake like…uh….”

Everyone tensed up at the sound of the newcomer. There stood a sickly looking girl with straight shoulder length black hair, who looks like she has anorexia wearing what looks like a white satin sheet with holes on it, at the doorway, not knowing what she’s looking at in front of her. She looks around the age of twelve when no one is sure how old she actually is. Her arms are just bones with skin as her face just has no meat at all. Although she’s constantly eating, no meat ever grows on her, but she is as deadly as any other character in Lucifer’s chamber. This is Famine.

“Guys. What are you doing?” She asked, not sure if she wants to know.

“I’m looking up Death’s gown and his ass is damn juicy.” Lucifer answered. “And laying on a package that can definitely match my pillows.”

Death groaned and floated away quickly, while War is flushed, but not daring to move.

Famine sighed. “I swear Lucifer, you’re acting less like a ruler as each millisecond passes. Get off of War, he looks super uncomfortable.”

“I only do that when I need to be serious. Being serious all the time is no fun and you guys won’t hang out with me.” Lucifer whines as he sits up.

“Believe me. I don’t want to hang out with you in any case.” Death muttered.

“Where’s Pesty?” Famine asked. “Still looking for those missing cockroaches, rats, and mosquitoes?”

“Most of them probably got eaten by some other thing. She might have to recruit sick humans and turn them into new pests for her collection.” Lucifer sighed. “So you’re done with your problem?”

Famine sighed bitterly. “No. Whoever took my food will be sorry! All I could do was take some from idiots who don’t deserve it down in the mortal world.”

“So basically everyone.” Death said.

“Is War ok?” Famine asked.

They all looked at War. He’s blushing and tying up his bathrobe slowly as if contemplating his life.

“Death’s ass might have been the best that happened to him.” Lucifer said, nonchalantly.

“SHUT UP, LUCIFER!” Both Death and War shouted.

“Anyway, what just happened?” Famine asked. “It was shaking harder the closer I got to your chamber.”

Lucifer lifted his orb as Death sighed. There shows Jack playing some game including murdering a whole group of people with an evil smirk on his face as he’s succeeding and about to win.

“He’s about to laugh again…” Lucifer mumbled.

Death got the meaning and snapped his fingers. Everyone and everything in the chamber started floating right as Jack burst out laughing Anti’s evil laugh, shaking the entire room.

“So, what’s Mark doing?” Lucifer asked himself, letting the orb change where Mark is but all it’s showing is pink.

“What?” War is confused looking at the orb.

Suddenly, the pink started to move, showing itself as a cluster of pink hearts gathered together. Everyone kept on staring with wide eyes and gaping mouths as the hearts slowly moved out the way, showing two lips moving against each other.

Mark is sitting on a bench in the park with Diana, making out under the stars.

Four demons heads turned to the side and gagged.

“Turn it off!” War shouted.

Lucifer shattered the orb by clenching his fist tight as his whole face shows a look of disgust.

Death glared at War. “What about my son?!”

“Why are you looking at me? I don’t have any contact with him! Besides, your son is having fun murdering people in his game!”

As if on cue, another laugh blasted into the chamber, the vibrations stronger than the last one. Luckily, Death never stopped the floating so they stayed safe and sound.

“We might have to float for the rest of the night.” Lucifer sighed.

“I’m going to have someone monitor Mark and Jack’s get together tomorrow.” Death grumbled.

“Just get Dark and Anti to mess around.” War said.

“Good idea.” Death nodded and fist bumped War.

Lucifer squealed. “Oh, so much more drama goodness! I’m going to have to prepare a feast while I snuggle up and watch that! You all are joining me!”

Famine shook her head. This is not her area to touch but the talk of a feast is bothering her. Her stomach suddenly growled loud and clear, demanding for food.

She laughed sheepishly. “Um…got anything to eat Lucifer?”
The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 18
The Mature content thing is only on because I wanna be careful. Then again, if I wanna be super careful, it would have been on for strong language and violence/gore since the first chapter.

So I've been reading all the comments on who Diana could be xD Very interesting theories! I wanna specify, it's DEE-AH-NA. Don't ask why.

I know the demons are being very hypocritical at some point but hey, demons have flaws too xD

Meet Famine~ She's female. Yes. She's super skeletal. No she doesn't have a problem, she's born this way.

Mark and Diana are officially together. Jack and Dark got close. Lucifer and his horsemen and horsewomen are crazy. What else is going to happen? Ooooo~ The suspense!

The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 17

Ch. 19: Being typed.
Are y'all ready for a new chapter~? xD

Hello, everyone! I’m now open for writing commissions! I am here to bring you the best of my abilities in stories, fanfictions, ANYTHING!

I also am willing to do some editing and be a beta for anyone who needs it.

Type of writings I do:


-One Shots/Two Shots/Three Shots (Short stories)

-Anything else that can be negotiated basically. 

Here are some examples of my personal work:

The Demons Within (Danti/Septiplier) - Ch. 1

Lazy Day

Possessive Markimoo (Septiplier Oneshot)

Pricing for writing:

It’s super simple. $1 per 100 words. PayPal only please!

Pricing for editing:

$1 per 500 words. Again, PayPal only please!

Extra Fees:
Research and Lore are an extra $5 because I’m pretty sure I don’t know every fandom and their hidden stories. Though I’d love to find out!

NSFW stuff depends on how much of it is included. Negotiable.

Requirements for me to progress: 

every characters' names and personalities

setting (time and place)

the plot

 how long you hope for the story to be (I'll do it to the best of my abilities)

 any other extra ideas or points you want to be added in

• the deadline (timezones are definitely going to be different so please be specific)

Please be as specific as possible in your explanations. PLEASE.

Extra Info:

Anything is negotiable with me, and we can discuss ideas, pricing, and deadlines in our own private conversations. Completed stories are not refundable but are up for rewrites if it doesn't match what the client requests for. I have the right to refuse any commission offers I do not want to touch. Please do not hate me for refusing.

Email me at or send me a note or comment down there if any of you are interested!


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